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We're interested in anything and everything! You're sure to find other people in Next with similar interests as you - whether it be playing a varsity sport or just going for a casual run, playing in MIT's best musical ensembles or just jamming in the music room, acting, singing, playing board and video games, building cool techie projects, doing recreational math, sleeping (sometimes...), cooking, or eating - we do it all!

But, despite our huge range of interests, the one thing that we all have in common is that we love to have fun, and we're friendly and engaging!

To learn more about what it means to be a Next House resident, please take a look at our Community Standards Handbook. To see what we're up to, check out our Next Exec Meeting Minutes. To learn about some of our student groups, see our student interest list.


Next is one of the most most social dorms on campus! We have regular study breaks and social events so you can take a break from those psets, an annual fall formal so you can dance the away, and an annual ski trip so you can breeze down a snowy mountain (...or tumble on your behind, if you've never been skiing before). Some other big social events that we've had include wing competitions, Next Island, Mardi Gras, and the incredible Impulse party.

But that's just part of the story - just walk through any wing of Next in the evening and you'll find a hustle-bustle of action. People will be in lounges working on psets together - having a good time while getting some work done. Others will be cooking, jamming in the music room, watching TV, playing video games, or just chilling and having a good time. It's these smaller, impromptu social gatherings that really define the warmth and friendly atmosphere of Next.


Next House participates in RBA, or Residential Based Advising. Every freshman living in Next will have an advising group of other Nexties, and their RAA will be an upperclassman from Next. The RAA's put on fun study breaks, check up regularly on their advisees, and have fun events to help freshman find their way through their first year at MIT. Only a handful of dorms participate in RBA, and it really helps to make a make our community even stronger.

Check out the RBA website for more info!

Next Act

Next Act is our annual, student-run musical. Every year, we transform our huge tastefully furnished lounge (TFL) on the first floor into an awesome theater, and put on a great show for CPW. Everyone in the show - including the actors, actresses, prod staff, and pit orchestra - are students from Next and all around campus. There's a wide range of experience levels, too - for some it's their first time being in a show, while others have been in so many shows it's hard to keep count! Next act is open to everyone, and it's sure to be a lot of fun.

Check out the Next Act website for more info!

Next Art

Next Art

Check out the Next Art website for more info!

Next Make

Next Make is a group dedicated to building cool, techie projects and generally furthering Mens et Manus at MIT. This past year's Large Project was the Next House Party Lighting System. Consisting of high-intensity color, white, and UV LED's and real-time music analysis software, the party lighting system was designed, built, wired, and coded completely from scratch by Next Make members who love electronics, software, and mechanical design. The lighting system premiered at the Next House Impulse party in February and drew over 500 students from across campus.

Check out the Next Make website!

Next Exec

Next Exec is our student government. Exec is responsible for running the housing lotteries, planning social events and study breaks, managing finances, keep in touch with alumni, and generally making sure everything is running like a well-greased machinew within the house.

There are a bunch of people on Next exec - you can meet them here!

Next Service

Next Service is Next's friendly community service organization. Some past projects include wing penny wars to raise money, volunteering at the Boston Marathon, cleaning up along the Charles river, bake sales, and volunteering at the Spring Weekend concerts.

See the Next Service website for more details.

Next Sustain

Next Sustain Here is their site