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Next has fantastic facilities - in our opinion, the best on campus. We have a fantastic dining hall, a large spacious area on our first floor that's great for study breaks, a courtyard, a music room, exercise and weight rooms, a fully-equipped kitchen for cooking delicious dinners, a game area, a laundry room, and an Athena cluster.

During the summer of 2011, Next House underwent renovations. Consequently, some of the images have not yet been updated.

Tastefully Furnished Lounge

Our Tastefully Furnished Lounge, or the TFL as we call it, is a large spacious area on our first floor populated with a plethora of green, comfortable couches. We hold a bunch of study breaks there, and it's a great meeting spot for events. During the Spring semester, we convert our TFL into a large theater and put on our annual musical, Next Act. Oh, and did we mention that we have a large high-definition television with DirecTV and surround sound? And did we mention that we have a ton of movies and equipment that you can borrow?

Dining Hall

Next house has an amazing dining hall. In fact, it looks more like a restaurant inside than it does your typical dining hall! With a comfortable atmosphere and a fantastic view of the Charles river and downtown Boston, you'll find students eating there for dinner, and studying there late into the night.

Next Dining is open for breakfast, brunch, and dinner all week. We have a grill station where you can order a variety of fried and grilled foods, a stir-fry station for those craving a tasty but healthier alternative, and a comfort-food station serving hot dinners. Each also has vegetarian options. We also have a large salad bar, an icy ice cream bar, and a number of tasty pies and cakes to choose from.

New to Next House are a Smoker Station (smoked meats), a Roma Station (daily handmade Italian pastas), and Bits and Bytes (hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, baked potatoes, nachos, dim sum, and much more!).

The Private Dining Room, or PDR, is a conference room off to the side in Dining. It's a great private space for studying, group meetings, and small gatherings. There's also a ceiling-mounted LCD projector and recessed projection screen for watching movies.

Curious what's for dinner? Check out tonight's dining menu!

Country Kitchen

Our in-house dining hall serves meals five nights a week. However, if you like to cook, we have a fully equipped country kitchen, located in the basement just to the right of the elevators. Here you will find cooking utensils as well as several ovens, stoves, and freezers to store your food. The country kitchen has plenty of space for cooking as well as hosting small gatherings. The key to the kitchen can be checked out from the front desk.


Next House has a beautiful courtyard right next to the TFL. Complete with a BBQ grill and pic-nic tables, it's a great way to enjoy a nice sunny Spring day. Not that it has to be warm out to enjoy the courtyard, however; you'll often find students taking a break from studying in the winter to go outside and build snowmen, or go snow bowling.

Weight + Exercise Rooms

The weight room on the first floor has much of the equipment necessary to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. The exercise room, conveniently located next to the main stairwell, contains all sorts of equipment including ellipticals, stationary bikes, and treadmills.

Game Area

Right between the TFL and the Dining hall, we have a large game area complete with pool tables, ping-pong tables, and foosball. Sometimes the games are, um, intense.

Music Room

Lots of people in Next love music! Our music room has a piano, some amplifiers, and a drum set. We also have a large grand piano outside the music room in the TFL. You'll often hear people tickling those ivories, practicing an intricate violin solo, or laying down some crashes in a heavy-metal beat on the drums. Whatever type of music you're into, you'll be able to practice in Next (and find other people who want to as well!).

Athena Cluster

Next has an Athena cluster on the first floor, right by the main entrance. It's pretty useful if you want to use some Athena software late at night - just hop down stairs into the cluster. We also have a printer, aptly named tree-eater, in the cluster as well.

Laundry Room

Yes, even Nexties have to do laundry. That's why we have a well-equipped laundry room with plenty of washers and dryers.

Residents can pay using TechCash or quarters, and can also check the status of the machines remotely from their rooms, using the LaundryView service.