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Our slogan: Not Quite Mongolia


Haley Hurowitz

Iím from Birmingham, Alabama and love Boston despite hating cold weather. I am a ESG 7.012 TA and MIT tour guide. I spend a lot of time working in lab or drowning in psets, but I always have time for Next! You can usually find me in a 4E lounge or 461. Come find my room (itís hard to miss) to chat about Next or anything else.

VP Relations

Kyle Saleeby

Social Chair

Emmanuel Fasil


Eurah Ko

I'm a Cambridge, then Seoul, then once again Cambridge(!) resident that is currently neck-deep in all things Next. You'll probably see me at some point running around the house like a headless chicken. I like to singing, guitar playing, and photography, and I also dabble in graphic design. I'm also involved in Next Big Thing, Next Act, and i3 video-making. You can find me in the main lounge of 3W most of the time, but sometimes I'll hide away in 411. Ask me about stuff, or just make funny sounds at me, I'll generally make them back.

Tech/Website Chair

Bennett Amodio

Yo, I'm Bennett. I'm a proud member of 2e, although I've been spending a lot of time outside of Next lately. I really treasure my Next house friends and the community we have, and I hope that together, we can work to make Next even better!

VP Facilities and Services

Phil Ferguson

Housing Chair

Eli Sadovnik

Dining Chair

Neil Aggarwal

Greetings! I'm a 2018 planning on studying who-knows-what (a very popular choice I hear!). As Dining Chair it is my duty to improve the amazing land known as the Next House Dining Hall. Fun Fact: I grew up in Vienna, Austria. Just to clarify, this DOES NOT mean that I have (a) lived in a city with water canals as roads (Venice) or (b) seen a kangaroo (Australia). I do speak German, though! Miscellaneous: I like to sing and play PS3. Come to 564 if you want to jam or play NBA 2K!


Carlos Cuevas


Lauren Huang

3E is where I'm at. I have a love for cuddly things and dinosaurs and I'm trying to learn to play the harmonica. When I'm not floundering in psets and fish puns, you might find me doing stuff for Next-Make, NextSustain, Next Art, Next Bake, or anything Next, or a myriad assortment of clubs around campus. Come talk to me about whatever's on your mind.

Alumni Chair

Meghana Vuyyuru

Non-Voting Chairs

CPW Chair

Brenda Stern

i3 Chair

Harlin Lee

Harlin is course 6-2. She's from Korea. She likes to roam around and eat food and take pictures and dabble in random instruments. Send her a cat gif if you want her to like you. :)