We have a lot of house-funded projects at Next, such as this Next Make Laser Harp!

A mysterious Professor Oak placed scannable Pokemon across the house, and the top four players, we now know them as the Elite Four.

People wanted to build Big Things in the courtyard.
So build they did.

Did you see the Big Slipper during CPW? Come check out the Next Big Thing's new installment during REX in the fall!

We really ARE known to have the best dining hall on campus. Just look at this beautiful stir fry!

Our stir fry line is not actually that long. It's just one of the many stations we have in dining: Stir Fry, Grill, Bits and Bites, Comfort... and Ice Cream!

Next Sustain is our premier environmentalist group: spreading awareness one person at a time!

Next Code organizes code-a-thons, games, and more! Check out Planes, where you pit your AI against someone else's.

Next Art is a group of artistic students who organize Art Evenings and workshops for other resdients. They even have a rolling art gallery!

Next Bake bakes the best noms around.

One of our Pie Day Celebrations involve a charity event, where certain members of the community are pied by people who donated money.

All of our lounges have big TVs, which is often used for movie nights and games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

Next Gamers meet every week to play all sorts of board games (and with their communal lego set)!

We have a beautiful grand piano in our TFL (Tastefully Furnished Lounge) that you can hear once you enter the building.

Our well-insulated music room is equipped with an upright piano, a drum set, a keyboard, and a guitar amp, and is heavily used by many of our resident musicians.

Next Act is our oldest student group, which puts on a musical in the TFL every spring. Its latest production involved over 70 people!

We have a great weight room and a cardio room! The Residence-Based Advisors also organize an inter-wing fitness challenge every fall.

Country Kitchen has five stoves (= 20 burners), five ovens, and four fridges, so a lot of student groups also host events in this space.

The Conference Room is a reservable meeting room that is also used as the base camp during REX, CPW, and Next Haunt.

Private Dining Room is a meeting space inside the dining hall that has a nice projector and sound system.

With 10 washers and 22 dryers, our laundry room is pretty neat.

Next House has both outdoor and indoor bike parking spaces, in addition to the bike lounges in each wing.

Order us food at 500 Memorial Drive!

You never have to go to campus for printing; not only does each wing have its own printer, the Athena Cluster has six computers, a BW printer and a color printer named Paperjam that is also a scanner!

Next Service gives residents a chance to give back to the broader Boston community.

Next Make is does a maker project every semester, such as a 3D Printer, Laser Harp, and even a Go-Kart!

Next Haunt is a haunted house inside a house that we build over Halloween, styled as an escape the room.

Chris, shown here, is one of our housemasters and a member of the House Team. They are really supportive of our student groups!

Our courtyard is huge, stocked with grills and grass, and sometimes a Next Big Thing!

These grills has been used to cook s'mores, rex burgers, shish kabobs, and rare steaks.

We have an avid intramural sports scene, including a very proud soccer team.

Our open basement serves as a game room-- it has a pool table, two ping pong tables, and a foosball table!

Every spring, Next Sail tries to squeeze 30+ residents on a boat designed for 3.









If you have any questions, please let us know!

Email: ask-next@mit.edu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nexthousemit
Tumblr: http://mitnexthouse.tumblr.com/